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We offer precision machine processing of various materials with great cost effectiveness.

We offer precision machining of parts with a complex/difficult-to-machine shape for various materials such as aluminium and stainless steel. With our advanced process planning ability, and the operation of multiple CNC lathes and machining centers or combination of them contribute to a high productivity with great cost effectiveness better than when a multifunctional machine or five-axis machining center is used. Also, we can deal with a integrated production from precision machining to product assembling.


1. High Precision:

As the name implies, precision molding offers unparalleled accuracy, producing consistent quality with every part that is produced.


2. Minimal Errors:

Because precision machining uses CNC technology, it is largely automated and reduces the probability of error to a minimum.


3. Efficiency:

Because of the automated nature of the process, precision CNC machining can produce parts very efficiently and with minimal workforce intervention.


4. Less Waste:

Precision machining produces minimal waste, allowing to save on materials and maintain environmentally-friendly manufacturing practices.


5. Cost-Effective:

The high-tech nature of the process also means that there’s less waste, less labor, and a low chance of error, which makes it one of the more cost-effective manufacturing methods.


From development/prototyping to the medium lot and mass production, we realize an integrated production at a first-rate cost effectiveness.

Our business direction includes development, assembly and manufacturing of various fixtures and their precision mechanical parts and components; communication products, medical products, semiconductors, electromechanical equipment, automation equipment assembly, research and development and manufacturing; and provide one-stop services from purchasing raw materials, manufacturing , heat treatment, all kinds of nitriding, spraying, etc.

Processing case

Custom Fabrication of Aluminum rail assembly

Far East Tech, a company experienced in the fabrication of complex assemblies and components for the semiconductor automation industry, has been contracted to manufacture aluminum rail assemblies. The parts are produced according to the CAD drawings provided by the customer. We CNC milled and CNC turned aluminum fabrication details. The shape and position tolerances of the parts are extremely high, and the surface should not have appearance defects such as scratches and bumps. To get a smooth finish, we deburred the parts before hard chrome. Part numbers are laser marked. We do dimension, CMM, visual inspection before delivering the final product to the customer. To learn more about our services, please feel free to get in touch.

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